Property Management

Advertising, Screening, Placing Tenants

Entrust Management is pleased to offer premium advertising through our partnership with landlord web solutions. We secure photos of the unit and create and place advertisements on the most popular websites in Edmonton, including Kijiji, Rent Faster, Rent Board, Padmapper, Marketplace and on our own website. This allows us great exposure online for your unit which in turn creates opportunity for viewings that are scheduled between our team of property managers and leasing agents.

Potential tenants can access our online application via our website. This application is hosted by a tenant screening company. We determine the economic viability of prospect customers, confirm rental application data, and gather personal references. Our expertise includes staying current with knowledge of the property market status, providing information on all aspects of properties expansion, zoning, crime rate, etc. We are experienced in negotiating leasing terms and conditions, providing proper maintenance, and inspect properties periodically to provide your unit to ensure your unit continues to remain well maintained thereby increasing its rental value.

Renting Out Your Unit

All applicants undergo a thorough screening process prior to approval. We can, at your discretion, request a deposit to ensure the applicants are serious about renting from you. Upon approval of the tenancy we require the Security Deposit.

The screening process includes:

  • Online application
  • Pre-screen all applications
  • In person interview and viewing
  • Credit check
  • 2 previous rental references
  • 1 employment reference
  • 1 personal reference

Moving In

Once an applicant is approved we meet at the vacant suite to sign the residential tenancy agreement and to accept the security deposit. The security deposit is secured in an interest bearing account as per ALBERTA LANDLORD AND TENANT REGULATIONS. The first day of their lease term we will meet the tenant at the unit to conduct a thorough move in inspection where the condition of the premises will be noted. This document is used as a comparison when the tenant moves out to identify the condition of the unit and whether or not there are damages that will result in deductions from the security deposit.

Each tenant file will include:

  • Lease agreement
  • Move in inspection report signed and dated
  • Security Deposit agreement
  • 4 References
  • Identification
  • Direct Deposit information
  • Copies of post dated cheques if required

Moving Out

While we hope all tenants provide us with notice to vacate and adhere to the conditions of their lease agreement in terms of leaving the unit as they found it, we also recognize that this is not always the case. In the event a tenant leaves on good terms by providing us with notice to vacate we will coordinate a move out inspection with the tenant and ensure all damages above normal wear and tear are documented. The tenants will be required to sign the move out inspection report and we will discuss with the tenant the process of returning the security deposit and whether or not there will be deductions for any noted damages, cleaning, and junk removal if required.

In the event the unit requires cleaning and or junk removal you will be provided with a quote for approval and our contracted service providers will clean and remove junk from the unit.

Once the move out inspection is completed the balance of the security deposit and the move out inspection report will be provided to the tenant and you will be notified of this process. Copies of all relevant documentation will be in each tenant’s file.


When maintenance is requested by the tenant or required at the unit, you will be sent, via email, a quote to review and approve. The process includes an inspection by an approved subcontractor. All approved subcontractors are required to carry $5,000,000 liability insurance and have multiple years of experience in residential repairs and renovations.

Our tenants can contact our 24 hour emergency line which connects to our dedicated team who can make sure the emergency situations such as floods, lack of heat, etc. are being addressed immediately to protect both the tenant and the unit.

We will conduct bi-monthly tenant inspections that are documented and stored in their tenant file. At the inspections our staff will advise and guide tenants in minor repairs and address any major issues, once again you will receive a quote for approval. Our goal is to ensure your unit received the best possible care so it does not depreciate and you, the owner, are not left with a major renovation bill.


Once a lease clause has been breached by a tenant, we will make every possible effort to contact the tenant and collect unpaid rent to resolve the breached actions.

There are many reasons as to why an eviction is warranted some but not all include:

  • Non payment of rent
  • Extensive damages to the property
  • Repossession
  • Breach of contract
  • Behavior that is putting others in danger

If the issue persists and we feel it warrants further action, a 14 day eviction notice will be issued with and backed up with a filed RTDRS hearing date that we will serve with an explanation to the tenant with instructions to attend or be present at the hearing via in person telephone hearing.

Please see the TENANCY DISPUTE SERVICES section for more detailed information


Rent payments are collected on the 1st of every month and will include automatic withdrawals to be deposited in your account, debit services, and post-dated checks however, we prefer automatic withdrawal as it decreases the number of late payments. If the tenant has missed a payment it is the homeowners responsibility to notify Entrust so we can take necessary steps to reconcile on your behalf.


A sample schedule of our monthly timeline has been included below to give an idea of what to expect each month.

1st – 10th

Rent collection, preparation of final move out statements and returns from previous month end. Delivering late notice rent (including relevant 24 hour notice for unpaid rent ), returned notices from the bank, and scheduled viewings for vacant suites under our portfolio.

11th - 30th

Entrust will take every effort to obtain tenants. This includes rental negotiations, viewings, pre-screening, inspections, evictions, and agreements for all leases and renewals.

Management Fee and Additional Costs

We base our monthly management fee on a percentage of the gross rent:

  • Single family home, condominiums, suited homes, triplex at 10 %($125.00) minimum
  • 2+ family home, condominiums, suited homes, triplex at 8 % of rent
  • 3+ family home, condominiums, suited homes, triplex at 7% of rent
  • Larger complexes- rates are negotiable


Any additional costs accrued during our service agreement will be billed at cost with no hidden fees or charges, this includes but is not limited to:

  • RTDRS filing fee
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Bailiff fees
  • Paid advertisements (will access available free sites first)
  • Junk Removal
  • Cleaners
  • 24-hour emergency services such as furnace repair, flood, etc.

Alberta Rental Property Management Services

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